I’ve spent the past week or so on the beautiful Bailiwick of Guernsey in the English Channel. Just off the coast of Normandy, the island is a favourite holiday spot of my family as we return year after year to visit friends and enjoy breathtaking scenery, delicious food and sunshine by the sea. It offers a welcome step back from the hustle and bustle of life in Manchester and the lack of big brands and WiFi hotspots has provided me with the perfect opportunity to wind down after a crazy first year at university.

Simplicity - OOTD - Fashion - BLVSH

Whilst here I’ve found the laidback island lifestyle has influenced my personal style as well as my mindset. I’ve temporarily swapped bold styling for simplicity and a relaxed approach to dressing. This floral jumpsuit is a favourite recent purchase of mine and is the perfect piece for a breezier summer afternoon. I’ve styled it over a simple white t-shirt with a lettuce-edge trim and a matching pair of white Nike Air Force 1 trainers. When I return to city life, I can picture wearing it over a mesh turtleneck with sky-high patent boots for a much edgier look.

Jumpsuit: Urban Outfitters | T-shirt: Urban Outfitters *SOLD OUT* (similar) | Trainers: Nike

Simplicity - OOTD - Fashion - BLVSH

Simplicity - OOTD - Fashion - BLVSH

And that’s it for my summer retreat, as I fly home tommorow evening. As much as I’ve missed my Instagram feed, this tiny detox from the digital world has been wonderful and I’m sure I’ll return some time in the future when social media gets the better of me and I once again long for simplicity.

Peace and love, Bec


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